Welcome to the website of the Wales Activity Mapping (WAM) project.

The project is a study into the type, amount and distribution of activities carried out on the South West Wales Coastline which includes information on relevant infrastructure and management issues. With activity tourism currently growing  it is crucial that we begin to take a proactive approach in managing recreation to ensure the long term sustainability of the tourism and recreation industry.

A proactive approach to ensure the long term sustainability of tourism and recreation

What is Wales Activity Mapping?

This website provides information on the project, the GIS mapping system, its uses and potential uses.  This includes an expansion of the project to map and display beyond recreation and South West Wales. It also has  links to a Recreation Plan that uses the project as its evidence base and a recreation website aimed at providing the public with information on carrying out activities in a sustainable way. These 3 management tools combine to make a recreation toolkit which can be replicated in other areas to assist with the sustainable development of recreation and tourism.

What we can offer

Here are a few examples of the services we offer:

Economic Valuation

A study utilising WAM data to provide clear evidence and methods to enable the worth of individual activities to the local economy to be quantified

Coasteering Feasibility

Using the GIS mapping tool to take a partnership approach to voluntary agreements in the sustainable development of coasteering in Pembrokeshire

Recreation Toolkits

Supporting a national drive to manage destinations in a way that encourages sustainable economic growth

Bespoke Work

Able to assist with a number of bespoke services, including reports and surveys

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If you have an enquiry regarding the project, or using the GIS, then please do contact us.