About Wales Activity Mapping

The project is a partnership of organisations involved in the management of the coast and countryside across South West Wales. A collaborative approach led by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF), the partnership seeks to assist in the sustainable management of the coastal area to the maximum benefit of all potential users by constructing a coherent picture of outdoor activity. This will aid in the development of a framework for future management in the region.

The Study Area

The project covers the coastal region of South West Wales to include Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Swansea, Neath Port-Talbot and Bridgend. The study has been taken inland in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to assist with Recreation Management in the Park. The GIS mapping system and survey methods could easily be replicated in other areas and regions.

Activities under study

A complete list of activities under study can be found on the GIS mapping system but range from beach activities and dog walking to surfing, coasteering and power boating. Further details about the project can be found using the menu above.


The main objectives for the project are:

To obtain a clear understanding of the key recreational activities within the study area

To determine the scale and distribution of key activities on a site by site basis

To ascertain actual and perceived negative impacts of activities on a site in terms of the environment, community and human safety and identify conflicts between users and user groups

To identify the greatest pressures on the resource including impacts on designated sites and protected species

To provide an indication of likely future trends

To identify opportunities for recreation

This will assist in:

Development of long term strategies and planning

Management of recreational activities so as to eliminate or prevent user conflicts between participants; between different activities; between recreational participants, local communities and business interests

Spatial planning to minimise or prevent conflicts between recreation, conservation features and socio-economic activities, planning for enhancement, development and marketing of coastal recreation development and management of infrastructure and facilities relating to recreational activities

Updated information

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum compiled activity data over the duration of 2019, which can now be viewed alongside the historical data, initially collected in 2008. The methodology enables any changes in coastal recreation trends and infrastructure developments to be viewed. This will aid in the development of a framework for future management in the region.

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