Wales Activity Mapping – Uses

Information from the project has been used by a number of organisations whilst the use of the GIS Mapping system is potentially far reaching and wide ranging. The GIS mapping system can be extended into other areas e.g. inland or other coastal locations. There is also huge potential for other GIS layers and data to be displayed on the system. Examples of layers added since the project inception in 2008 include Public Rights of Way network, a coasteering management layer and a Plans and Projects section showing consenting and planning within the Pembrokeshire Marine SAC.

Management uses include being the evidence base for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) Recreation Plan. Information from the project has also assisted in providing data for the PCNPA Enjoy Website where management issues and knowledge of capacity have proved a useful tool in drawing up messages for best practice. Recreation layers have been used in the Management Plan for the Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries European Marine Site. The project is confirmed to be part of Welsh Government’s Destination Management Toolkit looking at sustainable management of tourism destinations throughout Wales. It will also be used by ARCOPOL when emergency planning for coastal pollution responses. Used by Local Authorities in the applications to the Welsh Government for designation of bathing waters.

Providing Data

Management Uses

Coasteering Feasibility Mapping

Marine SAC Plans and Projects

Bespoke Work

New Data

The current project with newly assimilated data provides a continuation of the evidence based approach to collecting recreation and coastal management information and is a valuable tool to inform future marine planning. The project has been identified as an important component to help satisfy the evidence need highlighted by the Welsh Government Wales Marine Action and Advisory Group so is a good platform to demonstrate the significance of coastal recreation and develop understanding of current and likely future distribution, to support identification of key areas of use and potential use and understanding.

Data provided by:

The database, GIS layers and further information have been provided to a number of organisations and individuals including:

CCW (now NRW) in relation to recreation and Highly Protected Marine Conservation Zones in Wales.

DECC regarding the Marine Action Plan.

Plymouth Marine Lab.

Finding Sanctuary and the Irish Sea Conservation Zones projects.

Tidal Energy Limited during their Environmental Impact Assessment within Ramsey Sound.

Welsh Government for their Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework.

Marine Conservation Society looking for the most appropriate locations to site angling litter bins.

Consultants working on a Seascapes project for the National Park and CCW (now NRW).

Welsh Government requiring information on coastal activity when looking at Coastguard cover.

St Justinians BOA to demonstrate the economic value of wildlife boat tours around Ramsey Island

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